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Salt Box

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BEST SELLER ALERT! These salt boxes are a gift-giving favorite for the person who has everything. The Hinoki (Japanese Cyprus) lid helps keep moisture out, ensuring your salt crystals stay flaky and fresh. The handle and attached lid make cooking a one-handed operation; salt pasta water with one hand and know that your salt will remain food particle free.
An absolute must-have for home chefs, but also great for anyone who craves a little organization in their life. Stash tea bags, cotton balls, paper clips or anything your heart desires, and stack them for easy space-conserving storage. 

(Yes, these are the same salt boxes that were formerly know as Bee House.)

As seen in The Kitchn blog. 

As seen in Bon Appetit.

Dimensions: 6" x 3 1/2" x 3 1/2"

Customer Reviews

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Imogen H.
My favorite gift to give...

These salt boxes have been my go-to gift for people I know who have everything. They can use it for salt or anything they want. Trinkets, art supplies, any sort of keepsakes. I know some people also have multiple types of salt in their kitchen and this is a really cute way to organize them.