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Rare Device is proud to present our Employee Group Art show, Reawakening.

For all of us this theme seems particularly suitable, reflecting both the season of Spring with all its newness and the fact that each of us, in our work, is drawn to the natural world. ‘Reawakening’ suggests new growth, fresh starts, and being fully present. It shows itself in multiple ways: a sprout pushing up out of the ground, a new creative approach, or a focus on being more alive. The works shown here in all of our diverse mediums are reflective of what ‘reawakening’ means to each of us.

Featuring the works of:

Rachel T Robertson is a San Francisco based artist with equal passion for both fine art and craft. Her work runs the gamut from mixed media collage to richly textured fiber jewelry. She primarily works with fiber, thread, yarn, paper, ink, pencil, acrylics and watercolors. Instagram: @displaylady

Kayla Conyer is an illustrator and painter based in San Francisco, CA. A natural born desert rat, Kayla spent 26 years living in the dust filled Sonoran desert of southwest Arizona before seeking a new adventure in the foggy city. It was there that Kayla began her creative journey, painting and drawing everything from desert plants to ocean life to her morning cup of tea. She finds beauty in the little things in life. When she’s not painting, you can find Kayla hiking at Mt Tamalpais or driving down the California coast in search of whales. Kayla is currently studying graphic design and pictorial art at California State University. Instagram: @kaylaconyer

Cathleen Bishop is a graphic designer based in san francisco, ca. she grew up in san diego and moved to the city to complete her degree. here, she is able to pursue her passions in culturally and technically diverse surroundings. it has been her goal over the past year to experiment with new crafts and expand her creative arsenal. on her days off, you'll find her hiking wih her puppy, willow, or attending DIY workshop. she never leaves the house without a sketchbook and a sweater. bishop's design passions lie in illustration, photography, layout, & typography. she received her bachelor of arts in design from university of san francisco in may 2016. Instagram:@cathleenbishop

Dave Medal is a photographer based out of San Francisco. He grew up in Santa Cruz, where he spent most of his time exploring the ocean and coastal redwood forests. He earned his degree from San Jose state where he studied graphic design and photography. His early personal work revolved around documenting the lives of friends playing music, surfing and skating. Dave’s California upbringing shaped his love and use of ambient light while documenting fleeting, yet cherished moments. He still loves using vintage cameras and traditional film Instagram @dmedal

Giselle Gyalzen is the Buyer and Owner of Rare Device. She is also a wife & mom of 2 daughters. Giselle considers herself as an artist in a non-traditional sense. She has a keen eye for design and function and she still can’t believe that she is able to share this passion and art form to the world through Rare Device. Instagram: @giselle.gyalzen

Eddie Soto Eddie Soto is visual artist based out of San Francisco, CA. He mainly focuses on photography, but for the past 2 1/2 years he has done more drawing and illustration work. His main mediums of choice are soft pastels, charcoal, graphite, and ink. He does not limit himself to just those mediums, but they tend to be the focus of his work. Most of his work consists of mushrooms and fungi with human features, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Eddie hopes to fill the world with his whimsical and upbeat renderings of mushrooms. 

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