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Land's End: A 3 Fish Studios Show

Land's End: A 3 Fish Studios Show

Rare Device is pleased to announce our next gallery exhibition, Land’s End, featuring the work of the artists of 3 Fish Studios - Eric Rewitzer, Annie Galvin, Orlie Kapitulnik, and Sean Hipkin. The show will display a multitude of works in various mediums, from gouache paintings to hand carved etchings. Lands End will be on view July 7th through September 4th with an artist’s reception on Friday, July 14th from 6 - 9pm at Rare Device Flagship, 600 Divisadero Street San Francisco, CA 94117.

Land’s End is a celebration of the special places where land meets water. Focusing on urban coastal living in San Francisco’s famous Sunset District, where 3 Fish Studios is located, each artist chose to explore the visible, mysterious, and omnipresent boundary between city and sea. Each artist is interested in capturing the quiet narratives and ordinary magic that can be found
among our everyday experiences.

About the artists:

Eric Rewitzer was born and raised on the industrial shores of Lake Michigan. He studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art, and moved to the West Coast in 1987.

Annie Galvin was born and raised in Ireland, where she went to art school and worked as an illustrator. She moved to San Francisco in 1989, two weeks before the earthquake.

Orlie Kapitulnik is a Bay Area native who has lived in San Francisco for the past 6 years. She studied Print Arts and Visual Design at the University of California at Davis.

Sean Hipkin had a midwest childhood, but has spent the greater part of his life living in the Bay Area. He currently attends the California College of Art and is pursuing a degree in Illustration.

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