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Call to Artists!

Hello! This is Steph Canlas, Rare Device’s gallery and design intern for the summer, and today’s blog post is directed towards any and all artists needing a place to show some work!

We are always looking for independent artists to show pieces at our San Francisco gift shop and gallery. Gallery shows rotate monthly, however our space is booked up until January, but we are very eager to start planning for the rest of 2014!

Generally, we show more 2-D works like paintings, prints, and photography, but we are open to consider more 3-D pieces if they work with our space and with the personality of our shop.

But what is the personality of the Rare Device? It’s a little whimsical, pleasant, warm, modern, fun, yet mature. That’s just some words we like to use. But don’t let that stop you; we’ve shown a nice variety of work. Submit to our site, and we’ll try to get back to you soon if we like what we see! If you also make multiple prints of your work, we may even be able to sell your prints regularly throughout the year.

Not local? That’s totally fine. We do love highlighting local artists, but that doesn’t mean we turn a cold shoulder to anyone from outside the bay area. We’ve shown work of artists living a few blocks away to those of artists based overseas. Not alone? That’s fine, too. We’ve hosted multiple collaborative and group shows. We just want to give artists we like an opportunity to show their stuff in our space. We also love hosting both artful children’s and artist book signings.

So, if you are interested in submitting, please fill out the online form on our website, here. If you’d like to see examples of our past shows, check them out here.

Excited to hear from you all!

- Steph

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