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Ceramics love!

It is no secret from my friends and family and to those who have been to our home that I have a ceramic fetish. Well, we have lots of new ceramics in the store. Take these beauties that Diana Fayt dropped off just a few days ago. I am in love with this tumbler that actually fits in your car's cup holder, and these spoons are just gorgeous.

Diana Fayt Ceramics

We also have the Bedside Carafe from Pigeon Toe ceramics back in stock. I know a bunch of you were eagerly awaiting these!

Banded bedside carafe

Lastly, we've also re-stocked on items from Perch! ceramics, including The Mason, Shake a Leg Salt and Pepper Shaker and the ever popular Container For One Thing. Enjoy! -Giselle

Perch! ceramics mason jar

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