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A Short Note

Hello, Rena here. We have been informed that the phone is not working at the store, sorry about that, we are still open and we can make outgoing calls so we are not sure what's going on yet. I don't want anyone to think Rare Device has gone away!

Speaking about that...I worked at home today on a to-do list as long as my arm. We are always trying to provide the best experience possible for you. I want to say THANK YOU to everybody who has shopped with us. It has been a tough year for independent boutiques and your support means so much to me and Lisa and the talented designers and crafters and artists in the RD family.

We are going to be open on Black Friday. We don't expect to see a big crowd that day (we have found that bargains must be hunted in Union Square first) but if you do come by next weekend, we will have great new products for giftgiving, lots of items on sale, puppies underfoot and a batch of cider warming up on the stove. See you then.

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