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In the back of the store, we have a growing stack of merchandise marked 'holiday' - cards and ornaments and such. Since it's only October, we are impatiently waiting to put it all out...but we have started getting the 2009 calendars into the front of the store (and online). We have calendars from Good on Paper, Happify, Camilla Engman, Nikki McClure, Herman Yu, Sesame Letterpress, Sukie, and...I think I'm forgetting some!

Other recent deliveries include new bags from Jack & Marjorie, new t-shirts for men and women from Poketo, and more Shinzi Katoh cutie-pie goods from Japan. Even though it is a fantastic 80 degrees here in San Francisco today, we are also anxiously awaiting our shipment of hats and scarves from Pistil, as the chilly rainy season is just around the corner.

Finally, please MARK YOUR CALENDARS for our party next Friday celebrating one year in San Francisco (and Rare Device turning four, can you believe it?)

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