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New Products

Rena here - back from New York and the Stationery Show and ICFF and closing the shop in Brooklyn. I am sitting in the store with Lisa and we are getting stuff done here, and admiring the new product lines...first up we have graphite writing objects from AS Batle, who is in San Francisco. He is an artist who invented a technique to compress pure graphite into beautiful sculptural forms. We have five styles and will have them in the webshop soon. They are a super gift for men and women and if you actually use it to write with, can last 7-9 YEARS.


We also have new bags from Transylvania, made of organic hemp grain sacks! Each has a different stripe pattern that women used to weave into the fabric so they could distinguish their sack at the mill. These would be a charming beach bag or everyday big tote. These are up in the webshop already...


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