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Amy and Amy

It's here! The Amy Bengtson/Amy Ruppel necklace is here. The art was based on the beautiful mural that Amy R. made for Rare Device last year.


The mural has many admirers so we thought this necklace would be a great way for you to take it home, so to speak.

We also received brand-new Teabag Teapots from Forlife.  These are super clever, they allow you to steep a teabag in a 12 oz. pot, and then pull the teabag (the string goes through the little black rubber fitting) onto a built-in internal ledge that prevents the tea from steeping any further.


We are also restocked on this n' that: some popular tees, crow bottle openers and vases, etc. The weather is FINALLY going to be beautiful so we'll see you tomorrow.

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