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We are really loving the warm look of pewter these days, at least in the hands of Ria from Swallow Gallery in Brooklyn. She has been casting objects in this metal and then variously oxidizing and burnishing the results. We receive more cave bear teeth objects from her, this time plated in gold, and also a beautifully detailed seahorse, as big as my palm.


We also received more spring men's clothing from the LA line Cassette - a heather grey version of the hoodie, and a pearl grey long-sleeve buttondown, with just a hint of purple running through it. I saw a gentleman dressed in a grey suit with dusty purple accents in Time Out New York this week and it makes me think of him.

Finally, we are restocked on books that feature the art of Mark Ryden and Mark Mothersbaugh - they flew out the door so we have brought a few more in.

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