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Getting Cozy

I am perched on the chair at Rare Device SF and it's quiet out, a rainy 4 days are ahead of us. Everyone seems to be nesting as winter wears on and we wait patiently for spring.

We have a ton of new books in and that is perfect for a damp day like this one. A very interesting one called Sorry, Out of Gas just arrived, it is a view into the 1973 oil crisis from an art, architectural and cultural perspective and it is fascinating! We've put it in the webshop with a couple pictures and a bit more description.

Another cozy item for the ladies are new Umsteigen tops and dresses. These are handprinted and handsewn in NYC by Susanne and a helper or two and they are a fave of the customers.

Finally, we have a new teapot, mug and creamer from Saikai of Japan. I am working on photos, it's a very subtle shade of grey and I want to get it just right. The design is right in-between rustic and modern, and the size is great too.

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