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Fuzzy Love

We kind of have a thing for wool felt, we'll admit it. Today we received something old (one of the first products we decided to stock at Rare Device, back in 2005) and something new (from a small Bay Area designer) and both are soft and wooly.


First, the new: Patty from Alameda, CA is Papaver Vert and she makes incredible hand-felted containers and pillows. They have different colored bottoms which is a great surprise when you pick one up. Use them as catchalls in your home, or drop a potted plant in one for a soft, decorative container cover. We are in love with these!


The other felt shipment we received is from Japan - our Abitax key cases and gadget cases are here in many new colorways. We've updated this on the webshop. If you are not into a nylon or neoprene case for your small electronics, or if your keys are always scratching up your sunglasses or bag, these are for you.

Besides the cases we've previously carried, we have a new gadget case in a longer, skinnier format (watch for it in the webshop soon) that might be great to carry your glasses in. Also we have a Snaphook Strap - cliptop that can go on a belt loop or tote bag handle, and a sturdy nylon cord to attach to your cell phone or camera.

In non-fuzzy news, we have a selection of artist-designed, letterpress printed cards from Studio on Fire at the SF shop. They are really bold and inventive and very frameable. We have designs from artists like Dan Funderburgh and Mike Perry.

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