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We got a batch of our brand-new postcards in today. Putting it together with images of items from our shop was quite difficult because we carry such a range - how to represent it all on a 4x6" space? Anyway, we did what we could and I am pretty happy with the results. I know we usually write about things that we get in the shop as it happens but today I am going to briefly go over just a few new lines you will see in the next month or two.

We are getting a new line called Manisse from NYC and it's very simple dresses with very lovely, subtle details. A lot of the clothing I like for men and women are simple and subtle and it's hard to capture from an image online so I hope you'll be able to come to the shop to see for yourself. We also will be carrying Dace again, for the ladies, and Turk & Taylor for the boys, plus more new lines as always.


Studio Matador is in Australia and they make wonderful journals with handsewn spines that allow you to open the book completely flat. They collaborate with artists for the covers and the care and packaging overall is astounding. We'll have different designs at the NY and the SF shops.

These are lighters made in small, family-run factories in Japan by Tsubota Pearl. They have been doing this for many years and this style has a handsewn leather case. It is one of those objects that are just amazing in the hand, and will only get more beautiful with time. We really are in love with non-disposable products that retain the maker's mark and craft and this little lighter is just so very Rare Device!


Finally, here are laptop sleeves from Electricbaby in Seattle. They are plush, high-quality and fit snugly around your computer, and have cool interiors with little useful pockets. We are getting different sleeves, some with artist-designed exteriors. We are excited to support artists and independent companies, we hope you are too.

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