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The holiday season is on cruise control at this point, I am trying to reach a zen state about shipping and such, it's difficult but with the help of friends I will make it!

Our art book order finally arrived. I have been trying to get a shipment in for about 6 weeks now, and for various reasons it only just showed up. This means we have 5 year diaries back in stock, but also a slew of other wonderful books, some of which I forgot I ordered.

One of the highlights is New and Used by Marc Joseph. You can see a bunch of interior shots here.  I definitely have a weakness for old books and records and so this book is a dream...and thinking about favorites and looking at everyone's 2007 faves, predictions for 2008, et cetera, I have decided to think about what I am really excited about right now in the present, which is where my head is right now.

1. New and Used
2. Clairigami
3. Vans Half Cabs
4. Brass is back
5. Tea bowls
6. My partner
7. My family

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  • aw, man. just saw this. thank you. feeling’s mutual.


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