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This and That

1. New prints and such by Kate Durkin and Erik Otto, extremely round teapots by Beehouse, and fabulous tree ornaments by Something's Hiding in Here.
2. Restocked on Ach Ach Liebling bracelets, Pyrrha necklaces, keyaki wood teacups (a couple sets, at least).
3. Why we love Kate - she made an APR pillow for the show, and she's bringing EVERY DAILY DRAWING (over two years' worth) for you to purchase! I will be buying all of her Peach Snapple ones.

4. We got a link in the Daily Candy gift guide on our Herb Pot and we are sold out. But! More are arriving in about a week.

5. Don't forget to fill out a wishlist - either online or in the store.

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