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Shara Porter

Today we received a shipment of Shara Porter coin purses, billfolds and wallets at RDSF. We've carried this line in Brooklyn for a while and are pleased to bring them to San Francisco. Shara buys mostly used leather goods (she has depleted the thrift stores near her home in New Bedford, MA, I hear), cleans them up and then silkscreens a charming assortment of images on them. I have a bright blue wallet with bugs and birds on it and everybody loves it when they see it. We are not strictly a recycle/reuse shop but we love how Shara adds her own mark to these lovely old accessories - we're also fans of old-style wallet design with their clear credit card sleeves, vintage colors and coin purses that close with a snap instead of a zip.

Also on the way to SF - Fernworks resin pendants from Seattle and Snowcone Collective tees for guys.

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