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Rare + Fine BK has had the new Highway bags for a week now, but we just got our batch here in SF today. I am not really supposed to be checking out the merch yet (there is a fine layer of sawdust everywhere) but I really could not resist. I am so, so ready to open up the new store!


In other news, I spent a day and a half fuming and waiting for AT&T to restore my phone/DSL when it was revealed by the technician that yes, I had the line plugged into the wrong jack. Doh.

Two more events I missed reporting on - tomorrow night Greenjeans Brooklyn is having a reception for an art show on garbage which looks amazing. Then on Oct. 4, The Curiosity Shoppe is having their grand opening party and art reception for Shawn Creeden in San Francisco.
Currently: contemplating just how big of a slice of my birthday cake (carrot, yum) to have for dessert tonight.

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  • happy birthday!!


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