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April Showers

I've been going a little crazy on the ordering lately, restocking existing brands and collecting new ones. So far the boxes have been arriving at a manageable rate but I have a feeling the deluge is coming. Here is a quick and dirty rundown of what's arriving in April. So much product, such a small space!

Re-stock: Pillowpillowpillows (we have just one Amy, Sofie, Marty, Jezebel and Ruby right now), Tray6 umbrellas in a new compact size, art books and journals (even an Olle Eksell book or two), Tonfisk tea sets, Property Of bags for men and women, Fluffyco key hooks.
New: tiny faceted "asteroid" vases, Root Designs customizable plates and mugs, art Bloks, Clocky, Bentwood money clips, arrow-shaped coat hooks, Dutchy handbags, Xenia Taler ceramic tiles, woodworked designs from Landscape Products, Ach Ach Liebling and Moodproject jewelry, and clothing from OK47, Talla, MK2K, Loyale and Princess Tina.

Whew. I think I'm done for the month.
Odds and ends: Yet another reminder that Lisa Congdon's show opens on the 18th and then we boogie down the evening of the 19th. Lisa is making special goodie bags for sale at the party, the contents of each will be a little different...plus of course the artwork itself will be available at the store and online.

Finally, if you read this far - I invite everyone to send me an email, or leave a comment, about how we're doing. We are approaching our 18 month anniversary and I need to know what you think! How is the product selection, what do I need to add to the website, do you like the art shows, how is the customer service? I ought to set up a survey but I'm a little busy, so shoot any constructive criticism on over. Thanks SO MUCH for your support.

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