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I'm not sure why it took so long for me to bring these in the shop, but I'm glad I finally did. Amy of Perch! makes sweet and funny ceramics in her Brooklyn studio. She has started incorporating color into her work (like many of our ceramicists, she is mostly fond of white) and combined with the sunshine in our window, it is a glorious thing.



We'll have some of these styles up on the website very soon. If you are at all in the neighborhood, come by as they begged to be picked up.

Restocked: midcentury piggy banks by Pamela Barsky, this time in black, and Analogous Jewelry's antiqued lockets, replete with a tiny silver fly, on the cover or hiding inside. These have been a surprise hit so we're going to get them up on the webshop soon for you.


Finally, we are proud to unveil a brand-new project - the Rare Device Sticker Series. We were trying to find a way to get more exposure for artists and illustrators and so we are asking our faves to do a sticker design, which will grace every bag that leaves the shop. The first sticker is by Andrea, whose design/inspiration blog Fly is a daily destination for me. I'll have a little bio for each designer on our site (soon, we promise). The next sticker will be by Meg of Designer's Library, another fantastic design blog. If you are an illustrator and want to contribute, or know of someone who would be perfect, let us know. We can't print everyone's work but we'd love to hear from you.


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