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Today I'm going to wander the neighborhoods, here and in Manhattan, and let my wrists and arms recuperate a bit. I have ulnar tunnel problems and the daily posting, as well as photo cropping, emailing, inventory receiving and general computer silliness, are really killing me lately. So, no images today, but here are places I am going to or want to check out:

If I were a guy, this would be heaven. Remodeled and reopening tomorrow. My first apt in Brooklyn was a sublet just around the corner from this wee shop.

I want to visit Denise's store and generally see that nabe, I never go up there and that's a shame.

I hear there is a new joint in Williamsburg called Mc & Co. that has great housewares and designy things, how can I resist? While I'm there, I will be visiting Sodafine and getting a coffee at Oslo.

I will hit Edge NY and Market NYC on Mulberry also to see new designers, I haven't scouted in a while.

OK maybe I won't get to all those places but I'm going to try!

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