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The good news: the Olle Eksell book is back in stock, so backorders will go out immediately. The bad news: we received so many backorders that after processing everyone, we will only have 4 books left! If you want this book this week, hurry and order now. We can get more, of course, but it will be another 2 weeks, probably.

We are also back in stock on a great inspirational book called 'Book Design of Graphic Designers in Japan'. Like the Eksell book, it's mostly images and little bits of text in Japanese, but it's great eye candy. I don't have this on the site as it sells out in the store so quickly, but email if you are still interested.

New goodies, again. Saturn Press sent more hilarious letterpressed cards, which some people are taking home to frame. They do a more woodsy vintage style so I have instructional cards on identifying your cloud formations, how to build a canoe, a 'house parts' card for your favorite architect, and shadowcraft, for really pro shadow puppeteering.

And - Susie of boygirlparty sent some too-cute 1" buttons, postcards and notecards, plus an octopus-adorned to-do list and brand-new recipe cards, to share with your friends. Some images below.

The Ivy coat rack system is finally here - I need to install these at the shop somewhere...the colors are a very bright green we are calling Kermit, and a dark taupe-y grey-brown that we have dubbed Weimaraner. Considering the scarves, hats and umbrellas people must unburden themselves from when they enter the store, I guess I should put it right by the door.

Finally, we brought back a few favorite Crystalyn Kae bag and tote styles, in burgundy and dark blue. I'm not really good at buying a straight black bag for the store, but if you ask nice I can order you one.

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