Fig and Fiction


New items are starting to trickle in...we were down to one lonely candle and now we have restocked - two of the best-sellers and two new scents - one is Pink Grapefruit which is what I have for breakfast every morning, and the other is White Fig which just smells incredible. There is an amazing fig cocktail at the restaurant A Coté in Oakland, CA and it makes me think of it.

We also have great graphic design books and kids books in...there is one about Olle Eksell, a Swedish designer, and there is a Japanese book design one, and a couple incredible Bruno Munari kids books with die-cut pages, vellum and other mixed paper pages, and stickers. We also have a version of Alice in Wonderland with photographs by Suzy Lee. All really great books!

We have more yellow handbags for you too. The first round of Matt & Nat disappeared so fast, we brought in more! Due in tomorrow are also some new Rabeanco leather bags, and Bungalow 360 canvas totes are on the way.