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Mollie and Katie

We have two new designers, Mollie Dash and Katie Muth. Mollie lives in Brooklyn and we have her bracelets made from vintage chain she finds at thrift stores. They are simple but bold compositions. I'll work on getting a photo uploaded soon. I am really picky about bracelets but these resonate - I think they remind me of being little and fishing through the "junk drawer" at home...I would take old metal expandable watchbands and tie the ends together and make bracelets.

Katie is an artist and printer, she lives in Toronto and she makes linocuts for her artwork. We have five designs which reflect different seasons in a calendar year. Her Valentines-esque card is particularly wonderful. I will have a picture for you soon.

That is all - did you know we are having a sale at the shop? Come by as we have many things marked down, including bags and clothing.

I will be in Sacramento for a few days, visiting the family and, like a good foodie, making the pilgrimage to Corti Brothers to stock up on items that basically aren't sold anywhere else in the country. Anyway, the shop is open as always Wednesday through Saturday, 12-7 and Sunday 12-6. Have a great holiday weekend!

P.S. The yellow and the red bags that I blogged earlier this week are already sold out, but I can take preorders for these via email.

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