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It's a Miracle..

..but it looks like my One Year of White Pages notebook set has passed muster in Milan, has jetted off from Cologne, and will be in NYC tomorrow (Tuesday). These were delayed by over a week - which is critical at this time of year - and may be a little late for some, but they are really supposed to be here. I am reloading the UPS tracking page over and over until they show up!

If you were on my waiting list, you'll get another email when they truly are in the store. For my sanity, I am going to do shipping two ways: If you absolutely need these by Christmas and are in the U.S., you must order Express Shipping (overnight delivery) which is $20 and we'll get these out the door the next morning. If you are NOT in a hurry, you can order standard shipping (Priority Mail) but we won't ship until after Christmas...even store owners need a day off. If you are in the area, you can of course come down to the shop and purchase a set this week.

Again - I'll update this when the giant stack of notebooks are physically in front of me...

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