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The fans of our Vanessa Yanow zipper necklaces are going to like these a lot. Nicole of Inhabit Structures sent a package of necklaces, rings and cufflinks made from old watches. They are quite incredible! She plays off the fact that watches have tiny gems, like rubies, set into the surface, and her "shake" pendants in particular include additional gemstones among the watch parts that move when you do.

We also are introducing a new handbag line, Hayden Harnett. We have some of their bags, some wallets and some fun coin purses too. Take a look:

Email us if you are interested in any of these items.

Added just a couple things to the webshop. I need to add the Magnolia Tree version of the Lumen, we have a few of those and they are great! I remember watching one bloom in my neighborhood in Oakland, CA and thinking that it was the wrong time of the year...the seasons are a bit funny over there. I also made a fix to the RSS feed for the New Products. You can sign up for the feed, or even have new products emailed to you! Just go to any product page and sign up in the right-hand column of the page, toward the bottom. Look for the little orange RSS symbol.

We hear the weather is going to drop dramatically tomorrow (from 69 to 49) so it will be a nice time to come out and start that gift shopping in earnest. We'll see you soon!

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