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Supergal Molly mentions that she'll be in town for the latest party to celebrate the WorldChanging book, we keep missing her so this time we're sure to be there. Are we getting the book for the store? Heck yeah!

That shindig is December 12. Let's see, this week there is a party for the latest issue of 400 Words, and an illustration show in Williamsburg, and one at Giant Robot in the East Village. I am going to try and be the most social I have been in 2006 and attend all three - plus ship out orders to all you crazy, nice people. December 10 is the deadline for holiday orders, if I don't poop out before then!

We'll be restocked on the Year of White Pages by December 4 if all goes well with customs, and then we'll be fulfilling many backorders and even reserving a few for the store itself.

I put a bunch of new products in the webshop, and more to come, to change things up a little. I am also working with the web team on the new site (RD 3.0) where you'll be able to keep wishlists and registries and save multiple shipping addresses and all of that good stuff. It's very exciting.

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