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Sunday Omnibus

My apologies if this store blog is straying rather far from the store, but everything really is connected, you know, and today I have some interesting tidbits for you.

Karin links to this interesting essay that feeds the discussion about craft, design, mass-market, consumerism, and the kitchen sink too. The site has a lot of great links about these discussions and includes a very thoughtful and interesting manifesto as well. Now I learn that Ulla-Maaria is a PhD student studying emerging forms of collaborative design activity. How awesome is that? She is my dream come true!

As Thanksgiving and Black Friday (or Buy Nothing Day) approaches, the NY Times talks to Kate Bingaman, who we have mentioned before, and her Obsessive Consumption project.

We know that Friday you will be out at your favorite mall or shopping strip but alternately we like to think of it as Buy Local Day...what do you think? In SoHo, a very yummy perfumerie that I just wandered into states in their window that Friday will be a day of learning and not shopping. If you are interested in how perfumes are made, you should stop by! I like this idea also...I wish my store was just a smidgen bigger (I say this like a broken record these days) so I could have a big table for learning, it would be so nice to host classes for the neighborhood at Rare Device.

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  • Hi Rena,
    Thanks for the link to the essay and I also just saw your post on Radical craft from a few days ago. Interesting article/manifesto. I have been thinking about the term “craft” lately as well, and wrote about it in my journal. There have been some really interesting comments.
    I think you should head up a conference on craft!


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