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The Party

You missed the party for Deadly Squire! And if you did, you missed Anna, Tim and Benjamin, Laura's homemade chocolate chip cookies, mingling with awesome illustrators and fashion designers, lots of fabric drumsticks being brandished about, and the funniest thing ever, a dachschund puppy reunion and small dog orgy in front of the store. Here are some photos by MK Wong who manages Cursive at ABC Carpet and Home, and one by me of Benjy on his Deadly Squire changing pad. Thanks to the DSQ crew and everyone who came by.

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  • rena,
    it was so nice to finally re-meet you and visit your lovely store. what a nice fun+feast it was!
    thank you so much for having us, and i will definitely come visit soon to slowly fulfill my dream of one day buying up your whole store. :P


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