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I got a box from England filled with outrageous knit scarves from Dasmarca. They are outrageous because the designer, Bidyut Das, knits with ultra super mega bulky wool on needles basically the size of broomsticks. Knitting turned into a very kinetic and physical act! Despite the bulk the yarn squishes down very soft in your hands. I have got just a few fun styles in for the season, I'll get some photos up later but for now you can go to their website.

Also in are the 2007 Nikki McClure calendars which feature images in her cut-paper style. I also got a dozen clever mini-wallets or cardholders from Akemi Designs made from upholstery leather samples. Each is embossed with the color name and style number and they are soft and just $18. Each is one of a kind and thus only available in the store, sorry web shoppers!

Piggy bank update: these Pamela Barsky piggies are sure popular. I am down to white until more of the colored ones are made, there is a 2-3 week lead time for the pea green ones. You can come by the store for the white ones or order online.

Speaking of online, we just added a half-dozen items to Rare Picks, including a new Highway laptop-worthy tote, Poketo items, fabric-covered journals, a great glass carafe...and we'll be adding more this weekend, including a very limited ruby pendant by Laurice Curran, leather goods by Nava Design, and more this and that...

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  • I admit that I usually am not a fan of chunky knits, but those scarves are fabulous! Amazing!


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