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New This Week

Blogger seems to be killing my browser whenever I try and post pictures, so we'll just have to do with our imaginations today.

- Lots and lots of Karin Eriksson ceramics, including some new big vases and some bigger, noodle-sized bowls. Beautiful as usual.

- New tops and dresses from Umsteigen, printed and sewn entirely in Manhattan. Susanne makes new patterns, shapes and color combos every 8 weeks so you are guaranteed a limited-edition piece.

- Fun pillows in colored canvas by My Perennial, I am getting some mod graphic designs soon but these are great big hand-drawn folk-art monograms that Jen silkscreens in black or white onto 16" pillows. Fun for a kids room or maybe as a wedding present.

I broke down and put some fall clothing out...come by and check it out first!

PRESS: Thanks to design*sponge for featuring our new vases by Andrew DeWitt and LightenUp! Designs. Also, Tonfisk tells me their tea lantern set has been chosen by Wallpaper* for a 'Designs of the Decade' article that will be out soon. Big congrats to them! We'll have to get that set up on Rare Picks, I'm not sure why we haven't already!

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: We'll be closed Labor Day weekend (Friday through Sunday) so please plan your visits accordingly. I'll be in Northern California eating at old favorite places (Minako Sushi) and new (Canteen) plus visiting designers and stores. If you know of any new boutiques I should visit, let me know!

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