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Caroline Hwang

Caroline Hwang doesn't know this but I've admired her art long before she shyly approached me about selling her prints. I have two hand-screened big gorgeous prints at the shop, in an edition of just nine, and it's almost pointless to talk about this without showing you an image too. HOWEVER. We're having technical difficulties here with our new camera (or rather, the decrepit old PowerBook at the shop that geeky guys always remark upon when they visit with their girlfriends). As soon as we fix it up, pictures I promise! Anyway you can Google her and look at the prints on her website, it's called "The Hurt in Me Works".

Did I mention that the Rabeanco leather bags are back in stock? They are so lovely. I have more of the rectangular duffel-style as well as the flat totes - all with removable, adjustable shoulder straps.

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