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I have very sweet ceramic piggy banks from Pamela Barsky. They are a soft white or a avocado/pea green, have a little loop handle on the top and a hole on the bottom (with rubber stopper) so you can actually get your money back out. The most fun part though is that she has popped a little envelope of money into each pig belly. Most are a loose change, a lucky few will have up to $100 inside (!). And no, you can't open the boxes to find out.

I am restocked on the mi Spa, and also some very reasonably priced handbags, and I am sitting here in the A/C making jewelry. It looks like it's going to rain any second now.

Bklyn news: our friends are DJ'ing at the new giant and wood-paneled bar Union Hall on Saturday night, downstairs where it is less hectic, and they just might play the Boo Radleys for you if you ask nice.

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