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Happy Mother's Day, we had a beautiful weekend and lots of happy shoppers at the store, who near cleaned me out of vases and teapots and jewelry. I'm home now and as an honorary mom (well, a dog-mom), got to decide what I wanted tonight to eat, so I am going to sit down to homemade carnitas soon. Yum!

Speaking of food, thanks everyone for restaurant suggestions, we are actually going to hit WD50 and have a very experimental dinner. I can't wait to try out all the other suggestions this summer...

This weekend was Brooklyn Designs, next weekend is ICFF and the Stationery Show, and then we're off to a wedding and it's Memorial Day and then it's June. Kind of amazing, really. I am eagerly awaiting some more easy breezy summer clothes to arrive, and Beehouse iced tea pitchers, and for the coffee lovers I am not neglecting you, there are bright ceramic coffee presses on the way, one good-sized press and a coffee-for-one size (with mug!) which is the ultimate luxury at work: make your own French press coffee.

Also - Lena brought some beautiful posters for her show to the party, they are in color and printed on delicate muslin. They are amazing and in a very limited quantity, I have a few left over if anyone is interested, they are $15 and yes I will take a picture.

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