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Beehouse Teapot

The Beehouse Teapot featured on design*sponge on 3/16 is not yet on the website, but you can purchase it by calling the shop or emailing us, it is available in celadon (actually a bit bluer than what I think of as celadon) and a pretty dark purple. We are trying to get more products up but as with all good things, it takes time! Feel free to inquire anytime about items you have heard about, if you want images emailed to you, etc.

Today we have more earrings by i. ronni kappos. On the way are poster-hanging aluminum bars for your Hanna Werning posters or just a pretty sheet of gift wrap, lovely new jewelry from the UK, and cool glazed fabric totes and hobos with, yes, a cross-body strap - per request of just about everyone in the neighborhood. I am also starting to look at teas and chocolates and little growing things (!) for spring.

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