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It's the ides of March, and an appropriately windy and portentous day. Here is what blew in recently:

Bubble Roome soaps - Fennel, Tangerine, Lavender/Oatmeal, Spearmint/Eucalyptus, and Calendula/Chamomile (as seen in this month's ShopEtc.)

Cards by Fabric in the UK, they are very slightly'll just have to see for yourself

House of Spy clothing - a beautiful chocolate brown pintucked blouse and black linen pintucked capris, yes it's the Year of Pintucks

Astrosatchel - new designs in vinyl totes, some with great appliques and some with stitched foliage, very cool colors

Art books galore - Art Photography Now, The Music Library (graphic art and sound, with CD), Zak Smith, Cindy Sherman, Beautiful Losers, Art of the Japanese Postcard and New York Beautification Project by Ellen Harvey.

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