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For fans of Hanna Werning's posters, you can rejoice - I have greeting cards in stock with her wallpaper-poster designs on them! If a 20x27" poster is too much of a commitment, how about a nice card? I have 5 designs, three of which I have poster-sized at the shop.

I also have a new card line by a UK company called 1973, after the year the founders were born. (This is also my birthyear so that's an added bonus.) The designs are bright silhouettes and silver foil on brown kraft stock, very fun. Yes, the silhouettes are of deer, birds, ferns, butterflies...I guess some people are tired of this, but others love it to death!

I wonder when the trend will die down, and what will replace it. This year is also about skulls, swords and the like, but what is next? I vote octopi, seahorses and jellyfish. The world needs more jellyfish.

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  • i vote for seahorses too! i keep telling jenny cutxpaste that 2006 is the year of the seahorse!


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