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I don't know why I am so compelled by books like this, but I am. I like conceptual but very personal art projects, and perhaps it shows. Today I was contacted by someone with a project/product that fits the bill, and now I am talking to her about carrying it in the store. More on that as it happens.

Today I also read an article in Metropolis on indie retail or "curated shopping". Our friends at Greenjeans were featured, which is excellent. I think that curated shopping can also apply to what I am trying to do with my store. I bet you didn't know it but Rare Device is like peering into my head...some of the product choices are based on customer demand but a lot of it just fits a mental grid where Cool Thing X made by great Local Designer Y would work well with Neat Product Z. You know?

Besides the art project hinted at above, I am going to get jewelry by an artist of all trades made of glass and feathers. I love finding this stuff for you.

The first day of spring is in less than a month and I can't wait. I am thinking of having some kind of an event to celebrate, so stay tuned.

And here is the exceedingly rambly part of the post: Octavia Butler, a favorite author, passed away last weekend, I am very sad about this. And, comic book rock star Paul Pope's Batman Year 100 Issue 1 is out and I need to get it.

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  • You are a curator… I greatly admire what you do,(having found you through Angie at omondieu..) and recently found out about Greenjeans and their shop through a mutual artisan we share.(Jane Kaufmann) I can’t wait to come to Brooklyn this spring and see it all in person.

    It is all about curating by trusting your perception of the mix…the right combination of artistic items. Which become bigger than the individual art iteself.
    … i do believe…

  • Thanks for the mention, Rena, my fellow indie retailer!

    Do you have a link to the the New York Home piece on Park Slope Chic? I googled it but only came up with your press page! I’d like to mention it in Greenjeans’ blog.

    Happy Tuesday!

    - Amy

    Greenjeans Adventure

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