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Park Slope Chic

We are honored to be in the latest issue of New York Home magazine, in an article entitled "Park Slope Chic" by Grace of design*sponge that reviews some of the design-oriented shops in the neighborhood. We're in the great company of Nest, Loom, Matter and 3r Living. Hurrah for Brooklyn shops!

Back in stock, by demand: Kathleen Lewis Honey Dream Cream in large and small jars - the winter weather is doing awful things to my skin so this lovely cream is really the ticket. It is made of natural ingredients and contains no water, so it is thick and rich, a little dab really works.

Also - don't know if I've mentioned it but we have Purldrop crocheted earrings back in stock as well. These are painstakingly made in Fort Greene and will be hot for spring. I have seen other more expensive versions in magazines, but why not save some money and buy local?

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