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Welcome Ariyele!

A slightly belated welcome to Ariyele who may periodically be assisting (and doing a damn fine job of it) at the store. Ariyele is also a jewelry designer and much more fastidious than me to boot.

Today I got word that a very nice line of candles that I ordered is on its way, so they should be here by the weekend, with scents like Hemp, Bulgarian Rose, Cocoa and Clementine. The Lovely Design journals should also be in stock by then too - these sold out instantly when I opened the shop so if you want one, come on in as soon as you can. These are the handbound books with a selection of found and recycled papers and envelopes inside, a functional work of art and a great gift for you or a friend.

That's it for now, my family is in town and my niece is here, crocheting the dog a blanket. Craftiness really does run in the family!

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