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The latest issue of The Drama is here...if you are not familiar with it, check out It's a very smart, very good magazine with up and coming artists, interviews, and the like.

I also have a couple new books - DIY: Design It Yourself for those curious about how logos and letterheads (and more) happen, and California Design which is a very interesting history of certain movements in many design disciplines that began in the uniquely odd state (my home state!) of California.

I also have new art books - Andrea Zittel, a couple on street art and 'urban calligraphy', a great typography book, a photo-essay on the alphabet interpreted by schoolchildren various cultures, and a gorgeous version of 1001 Nights with cutting-edge modern illustrations. Yup, lots about words and letters this time.

On the way is a new issue of Cabinet magazine, the latest McSweeney's which offers a copy of their new DVD short-film magazine, and lot of work that is loosely and poorly classified as comics or graphic novels. You'll just have to come in and see what I mean.

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