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Never Done

Sometimes I forget that some things will never be finished. There is always a tweak or improvement to be made. I am talking specifically about the new website, and as a former web developer I really ought to know better, and I am my worst client, etc etc. What this means is that sometime this week it will go live and I will just sigh my way through "beta" AKA people writing to tell me things are broken, and I will add more products continuously, and the world won't fall apart. And you'll have a chance to do a little shopping even if you are not in Brooklyn. It's a good thing, I think.

I am going to get in a bit of jewelry by a few ladies, Ms Joy Opfer, Ms Laurel Denise, and Ms Amy Tavern. Valentine's Day approaches and while jewelry might be a cliche, plenty of people don't mind receiving one as a present. (V-Day cards are out already, or at least cards that are predominantly red, and one really does feature an aorta.)

We're out of aqua blue stump teapots again, but more teapots in a whole Pantone set of new colors will be arriving shortly.

I'll be out of town again next weekend, off to wish my folks a happy 50th anniversary, but Laurice will be here to help you out. And then in less than ten days is the big Gift Show in NY. I will be attending a tiny bit of it, carrying bottles of water and wearing only my most ugly, comfortable shoes. I don't know if I'll see anything new to pick up but there are certain booths I want to hit, vendors I want to visit, and generally it's a weird, fun, tiring, gossipy thing. I think two days will be plenty for me.

Last ramble: someone stole my gate hook (the hook used to pull the security gate down at night) and I just want to say it did not make my week.

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