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The Unknown Path to Home

About Jo Boyer: Jo Boyer’s work is inspired by transformation and life cycles. Jo uses clay as a medium to translate the contrasting feelings of isolation and home. Combining movement, time, earth and fire, Jo’s pods take on an emotional life of their own. The supportive structure of the pod is much like home; at times it can feel like a space of comfort and nurture while at other times it can feel void or claustrophobic. Jo’s work is about time, process and ultimately, the fragility in holding on and the fragility in letting go in order to continue. These pods speak of the small precious moments in which we are able to step outside of ourselves and see ourselves in this process. The ravens throughout Jo’s collection act as the only link between what has been and what is to come. They are a manifestation of the dark unknown, existing in the void. These ravens are observers of all, transporting you to places of transformation. When looking at Jo’s work, one feels as though they can revisit past spaces and visualize potential for new growth. These pods are a space of inspiration where creation can take any shape.

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