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Field Studies

Field Studies is a collaboration between Brandon and Kat De Jong. Though they work in two different mediums, photography and watercolor, both are inspired by the California coast. The two can be found traveling up and down Highway 1 with Brandon’s Hasselblad camera and Kat’s travel paint set.

About the artists:

Brandon has had an interest in photography since childhood. As a graphic designer, he finds photography to be an outlet for his creative impulses. He strives to find beauty and drama in even the ordinary aspects of the world around, and enjoys the slow, deliberate process -- and the technical challenge -- of film and darkroom-based photography.

Kat is a pediatrician by day and painter by night. She has always loved art, but only discovered painting recently, finding it to be both meditative and exciting. She paints with watercolor and loves the challenge in its unpredictability, as well as its translucency and the vibrance it can convey. Having spent most of her life in California, she is influenced by the ocean and stunning landscapes around her.

Currently, Brandon and Kat live in San Francisco, California with their two boys. They have a pup named Olive.

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