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There are so many talented people in the neighborhood. Straight from Brooklyn we are getting a few new perfume roll-ons (a format you seem to love, judging by the mi-spa perfume sales) from a designer called Theme Fragrance. Being a non-girly girl, I underestimated the demand for things like this but now I know! There are four new scents to check out.
Next month we are also going to have Hakansson which is a lovely skin care line from New York by way of Sweden. In this line there is just one moisturizer, one cleanser, etc so no wading through text and wondering what will work for you. There is also one perfume called The Scent and it's quite lovely. We will be starting this line in the San Francisco shop where it's a bit harder to find, but if there is demand - and shelf space - in Brooklyn, I'll bring it over.

And that brings us to the subject of the two shops, and lines we will carry at each - it will vary, partly to suit each location and partly to avoid stepping on any retailer toes. We will strive to put as much as we can in the webshop though! It's been very slow lately because we are not quite set up in San Francisco (which will be the main store) but we will be rockin' before the holidays for sure.

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