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I think I mentioned that Meg interviewed me for her new book Craft, Inc., right? That book is just out and I think it's a really good resource if you are figuring out how to break into the biz. Plus the interviews are all really funny! We are getting some copies for the store, of course, since everyone in New York seems to be scheming about a project or second (or third) job...

Sabrina of KnitKnit also has written a book, just out, and there will be a party/signing on September 13 at Greene Naftali Gallery in NYC. Sadly I will not be there but I hope you go! Teva Durham will be there, Wenlan Chia and other knitting luminaries...

Finally, I'm waiting to see what the American Craft Council will cook up when American Craft magazine is resurrected. I missed the ACC show in San Francisco this weekend (what can I say, the movers came and I was unpacking) but there is an interesting little article here about it. I like Andrew Wagner's acknowledgment that "All the vibrant energy in craft is coming from the street level, not from the top down." Maybe you disagree but it always makes me happy to hear such vocal cheerleading about this topic.

Right now I am listening to Modest Mouse on iTunes and getting ready to hit Udupi Palace in Berkeley. Oh how I've missed you, udupi!

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  • I’m working on an interview with Meg about the book for my site right now – woohoo. Of course, I’m working on my own book as well :D

    Victoria E

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