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Nava Design

Fresh from the plane from Italy, we have a whole stack of One Year of White Pages in stock. This should tide you over for the summer I hope! Nava Design has a new bag collection called Ark and I got just a couple bags as a test, here is a sample:


The bag is so lovely, slight padding, great pockets, leather trim, waterproof nylon, etc etc. I can already tell I'll be ordering more soon.

Restocked: the great 5 Year Diary by Tamara Shopsin is back in stock, and this will be neck and neck with the White Pages for the popular fave. I also got in some books - pictures of these when you read the rest of the entry!

This is so great - kind of dirty but extraordinarily funny, and written by a MFA candidate.

No explanation needed here. Japanese illustrators, awesome.

Second printing of Fushigi Circus. If you were lucky enough to buy the first printing, you made a LOT of money...a really lovely book.


I missed this show by Matzu at Upper Playground by a day the last time I was in San Francisco. At least I have the book!

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