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Super Friday

It is so lovely out today, everyone in NYC is in a great mood, I love it. I am hiding from the rays of the sun behind the art Lisa has hung in the window, it gets kind of hot here in the afternoon.

Last night was a blast, thanks to everyone who came by! We had some of the little collage packs leftover and Lisa has agreed to put them on our site for sale during her show. This is a great chance to get her artwork for a very reasonable $40. We'll work on that this weekend so keep checking in. Also, we've sold over half of her show already and that is great! If a fave of yours is already purchased, please contact Lisa directly as she is open to commissions.

Thanks to Patricia for posting an interview with me about Rare Device on Crafty Synergy. I ramble a bit but it's a short read.

Finally, our Sticker Series continues, Meg Mateo Ilasco's great, sophisticated stickers have arrived. You'll see them on our bags and jewelry boxes very soon.

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