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Possum and Chestnut

We have a little batch of the very clever Possum and Chestnut cards in stock - they are "interactive" holiday cards in that they turn into something else - the Christmas one turns into an ornament, and the Hannukah one into a menorah. They are at the shop and also online in the webshop.

On the way are more Nikki McClure calendars, and a brand-new baby journal... 128 pages of her paper-cut art in book form. It will make you want to have kids! Also coming are a few more Melie Bianco bags, perhaps a bit of lovely handmade glass jewelry from Daa Glass, and the new Re-Surface lamps.

It's supposed to be a very grey week. It reminds of of a Northern California winter, really - grey and rainy. To combat this, I am going to take some pictures around my home as I am a BIG fan of color, it really keeps me going. The apartment is extremely messy but some judicious photoshop cropping might help me out. My friend Judith is documenting her art collection on Flickr right now and I will sort of do the same thing. A little insight into this shopkeeper, I think.

Holiday shipping update: I looked at the calendar and we are going to set December 10 as the cutoff day for guaranteed order arrivals by the 23rd. Any orders after that will need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis and we cannot gurantee an early arrival, partly due to inventory and such, but partly due to the US Postal Service, who will be quite swamped at that time. Please keep December 10 in mind! We do a lot of overseas ordering and things take a while to get here, the Australians go on holiday, bad timing etc etc so order as early as you can. Yes, this month is a good time - preorder now as things run out very fast. They are Rare Picks after all!

Things I am fond of:

1. My new wallet which I got from Etsy. It's perfect!
2. Lamb gyro from the cart in front of the Barnes and Noble on Court St in Downtown Brooklyn
3. Pink CZ briolettes that I am turning into very sparkly pendants for the holidays
4. The scarf I am finally finishing - it's in a diagonal rib and when I finish, I get to start something else
5. Blue-green suede braided belt I scored at the A.P.C. sample sale
6. Aeolidia, who is working on a major website update for me, the most organized folks I have worked with
7. My Moo minicards
8. Laura, who is functioning nicely as the brains of this operation
9. Getting confirmation that the Year of White Pages really are going to be back in stock on the 20th (whew!)
10. A good night's sleep

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  • Oh, good thing I bought my year of white pages before there were no more! They are for my dear friend, who just moved to Portland, OR. She is a writer, so they will be for the first full year of her new life.

    I love those Flickr Moo cards. I haven’t tried them out, but have seen friends’.

    Post the apartment photos – would love to get a peek into how your love of this movement has translated further into your life.

    (by the way, this is Johanna… I visited on one of the last days of Jill Bliss’s exhibition, with my boyfriend… when that car accident happened right outside your store. hi!)


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