This Is How It Works


This is how it works, post-Internet age. Charming British couple visit Rare Device while on holiday because of a link from Scottish designer Clare Nicolson's website. They make their own gorgeous textiles and now we are interested in somehow carrying their products. From Norfolk to Brooklyn, this is how it works!

Really though, the patterns are lovely and wistfully vintage but very British, I like them very much. The colors especially (a vibrant mustard yellow) make me think of the great UK clothing line Saltwater, too.

We just got some 60's-esque clothing in from San Francisco's Lemon Twist. You loved the A-line skirts so this time there are high-necked shift dresses in the same vein with a very flattering fit, in a lightweight olive and mango denim. Also, we're trying a new skirt out in nubby raspberry wool, with a cool belt feature.

It's a lovely lazy Friday and I'm contemplating where to hang the catnip bird and branch in the store, and what to have for lunch...