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It's Saint Patrick's Day, which I forgot until I was in the diamond district this morning. That is where they stage the parade officials and bagpipers and marching bands and men in kilts. I always forget and I always am up there on this holiday.

So, I have a scarf with a marginal amount of green in it around my neck. And I'm drinking Vitaminwater 'rescue' green tea. We do what we can...

New stuff: a visual diary called 'A Year in Japan' by Kate Williamson, some Jill Bliss stationery sets for fans of her Native Flowers journal, DIY Design it Yourself is back in stock, more knitting decks, a cute children's book by Paul and Ann Rand, new mini-journals to tide you over until Native Flowers is reprinted, and City Walks decks for Paris, Rome, London and San Francisco. If you or a friend are traveling to these cities, what a great thing to have! Each deck has 50 suggested walks, with map and places to stop along the way

Today's listening: Wilco 'Summerteeth', Yo La Tengo 'Electr-o-pura', Sleater-Kinney 'All Hands on the Bad One', Tarentel 'From Bone to Satellite', Underworld 'Beaucoup Fish'

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